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Jennifer Roberts, Daneika Bean-Wilson and Patti-Jean Roberts
A Student in My Class Has Vision Impairment, Now What?

Daneika Bean-Wilson, Jennifer Roberts, and Patti-Jean Roberts collectively make up the Vision Teaching Team in the Ministry of Education. Together, they work to deliver services to children and students in CDP and the public education system that require braille instruction, orientation and mobility instruction, in other areas in the Expanded Core Curriculum, or require classroom and work accommodations. With a background in early learning, primary instruction, senior school science and math, and special education, Daneika, Jennifer, and Patti-Jean bring a vast wealth of experience to the field. Their desire is to assist not only their students, but also teachers and families in order to enable success.

Pauletta Francis
Building Educator Expertise with the Danielson Framework for Teaching

Pauletta M. Francis has been an educator in the Bermuda Public School System for the past 20 years. Her areas of expertise are Learning Support, Reading Recovery and Literacy. She is currently a Certified K-5 Literacy Coach at Elliot Primary. In addition to primary school teaching, she works with adults at the Hamilton SDA GED Program preparing them to pass the Language portion of the GED Test Pauletta is a frequent workshop presenter both locally and abroad. Pauletta is also a regular columnist in the popular Bermuda Parent magazine. In her spare time she enjoys traveling. Her most recent trip was a life-changing excursion to Egypt, Africa. She is also passionate about exercising which led her to become a certified spinning instructor.

Pauletta has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education, Master’s Degree in Special Education, Certificate in Reading Recovery, Certificate in Educational Leadership and is a certified, licensed K-12 Danielson observer. She has a daughter who she loves dearly.

Gina Monroe
Building Educator Expertise with the Danielson Framework for Teaching

Gina V. Monroe is a Learning Support teacher at Elliot Primary School. She received her B.Sc. in Mathematics from Dalhousie University, her MBA from Webster University and her Teaching Certification from Atlantic Union College before becoming a High School teacher of Information Technology and Mathematics. After 18 years of teaching at the High School level - initial year at Warwick Secondary School, thirteen years at CedarBridge Academy and four years’ operating BASIC Academy, a Home School for young men - Ms. Monroe moved to Elliott Primary School as a Learning Support teacher. Ms. Monroe is certified in the Danielson Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument. She is a certified Mathematics Tutor in the ICAN Programme (Individualized Cognitive Approach to Numeracy) and, in addition, she sits on the board of Bermuda Education Network (BEN). Further, Ms. Monroe is currently working towards becoming a Level 1 Wilsons Reading Instructor. Ms. Monroe has two sons and a dog. Her leisure time is spent exercising, reading and traveling.

Kelly Rodday
Care Bear Stare Classroom Management

When I was in the 4th grade in Natick, Massachusetts I wrote my future self a letter stated that I was to be a teacher and live in Bermuda when I grew up. Many years later, I have done just that. I have earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Fitchburg State College in Fitchburg, MA and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management in Education from Endicott College. I have taught in both private and government systems in grades Preschool through Primary Six in Bermuda.

A colleague once referred to me and my management style as a “Gentle Powerhouse”. The more I thought about it, the more I was flattered. I have found that the more teachers yell or get upset, the less responsive students are. Teachers do not have to be “mean” to accomplish their goals or get students to achieve their potential. During some of my best teaching days I have had just as much fun as my students have, if not more. I look forward to sharing my style of management and techniques with other educators to use in their own classrooms.

Ru-Zelda Severin
Cooperative Learning: Getting Students to Respond

Ru-Zelda Severin is presently a senior lecturer of music and education at Bermuda College, and an adjunct for Mount Saint Vincent University in Child Youth Studies. While she has performed extensively around the world, her expertise in music has always been coupled with her passion for education. She has taught from elementary through university, in Bermuda and abroad. Prior to returning to Bermuda, she had the privilege of being the principal of a Classical Liberal Arts school that she helped to develop and build. Among other topics, she has facilitated workshops in 21st Century Education in the areas of learner engagement, active pedagogies and technology integration. She is thrilled to serve as the co-chair of the Bermuda College Publication Committee which has just published Bermuda’s first peer reviewed academic journal, Voices in Education. Read more about this at www.college.bm/bcjournal.

Anthony Peets
Creating the Ultimate Classroom Experience

Anthony Peets, motivational speaker and certified School Counselor. A Specialist in the areas of motivation and engagement strategies for all learners, Mr.Peets has 31 years of experience researching in the field of neuroscience and specialist training in the area of Autism. He serves as the President of the Autism Charity B.A.S.E and is the head of M.I.A, Men in Action, a mentoring and training group for families and helping professionals. Participants in his presentations leave with immediate "turnkey strategies" which enhance and engage the learner. His life’s motto is...Find A Way.

Philip Trott
Do It In the Cloud! (aka the Mile High Club)

Philip Trott is a 5th year middle school teacher and recently completed his Masters of Education through Endicott College. Philip is a strong believer in the power of the web as a teacher's Swiss Army knife for the classroom. He manages the Google for Education system for Sandys Secondary Middle School, and seeks out ways to incorporate blended learning into his lessons, which resulted in Pearson instructors referring to him as a "tech pioneer" for Sandys. Mr. Trott is a lover of all things Google, enjoys learning about and testing new web apps in the classroom, and strongly believes in integrating technology in his lessons to enhance his students' learning experiences. He is continuously developing his lessons to move closer to a paperless classroom and feels that with proper pedagogy, using technology in the classroom is an excellent way to promote student collaboration and critical thinking skills, while also giving students the skill set needed to work in the 21st century.

Ashley Harris
Exploring the Jungle

Ashley Harris is a fourth generation Bermudian with an extensive background in horticulture and teaching. She taught for nine glorious years and passed on a wealth of knowledge to her students as it relates to flora and nurturing the environment. Ashley holds a badge of distinction as a Blue Flag Ambassador of Bermuda which makes her a Certified Bermuda Tour Guide. She has worked diligently toward building the ecological excursions company ‘Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd.’ Its main initiative is to offer customers a sense of excitement built into the knowledge of natural habitats in Bermuda. Ashley is living out her dream everyday as she pursues nature at its best!

Charlotte Sherlock
BUTI2I1524 Fostering a Relationship with the Classroom Teacher: Parable for Para-educators

Mrs Sherlock has had a career as a Para-educator for forty four years. She completed her high school education in Albuquerque, New Mexico, attending Del Norte High School, where her dream was to be a Secretary. While in high school she did volunteer work at a Catholic School for orphan students. This experience opened her heart to want to help and work with children with learning disabilities.    

When she returned to Bermuda she applied to the Department of Health and Welfare for a job working with children. Having no openings, she accepted a position at H.A. & E. Smith’s Ltd, in the Shoe Department. However, that only lasted for four weeks. The Department of Health and Welfare called and offered her a job at the Day Training Center.

Charlotte has been working with children throughout her career. In 1983 she received her Certificate in Nursery Training from the Bermuda College.

Charisa Lowe
Guided Reading: Creating Supportive Text Introductions to Set Students Up For Success

Charisa Lowe is presently a Literacy Content Specialist Teacher for the Bermuda Ministry of Education. At Ohio State University, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Development and a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education. Charisa then returned to Bermuda to serve as a primary school educator and eventually as literacy coach at Somerset Primary School. During her time at Somerset Primary, Charisa studied at Lesley University to become a certified Literacy Coach and District Trainer. After eight years of service at Somerset Primary, Charisa then went on to serve in the capacity of District Trainer. In this role she trained upper school literacy coaches to provide professional development and coaching to their colleagues. Since 2012, Charisa has served in her current position, supporting teachers and literacy coaches across the island through professional development and coaching around best practices in literacy instruction.

Katie Mackenzie Stuart
Ideas for Teaching Cambridge Primary Science and Math

Katie Mackenzie Stuart has taught English, Maths and Science and has over 20 years’ experience as a publisher of textbooks for Primary and Secondary schools across a range of subject. Since 2011, she has been running workshops for teachers in many parts of the world including the Caribbean, the Middle East, India, Nigeria and Indonesia.

Dr. Sharon Speir
Inquiring Minds What to Know

Dr. Sharon Speir, Assistant Director oversees the Early Childhood Education Section at the Department of Education which includes The Child Development Programme, and Government Preschools. She provides consultative support to primary schools on early childhood matters.

In her experience, she has found the inquiry model to be a powerful tool for engaging teachers in their teaching practice, as well as engaging children in their learning as it increases motivation and provides an avenue for question asking, problem solving and researching the questions they want answers to.

Martin Pastor
Inspiration through Music Education

Mr. Pastor is the current choir and strings teacher at Clearwater Middle School and is also the Choirmaster for Their Majesties Choristers with St. Peter’s Church in St. George’s. This is his 2nd year teaching in Bermuda and his 7th year as a professional. His previous experience comes from five years of teaching primary general music and choir for Harford County Public Schools in Maryland. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Bloomsburg University, where he also minored in Spanish. He has recently completed a Master’s degree in Music Education along with a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in the pedagogies of Dalcroze, Orff, and Kodaly. Aside from teaching music, Mr. Pastor has also performed along the East Coast of the U.S. and across Europe as a singer, dancer and pianist. When not working, Mr. Pastor enjoys spending time with his wife, Lindsey, and two children Luka, 2, and Milianna, who was just born in April.

Dr. Lana V. Talbot
Differentiated Instruction : Meeting the needs of all students through

Dr. Talbot is a Registered Educational and Child Psychologist, and is employed in the role of psychologist with the Department of Education in Bermuda. Dr. Talbot is experience psychologists and has provided psychological services for more than over 20 years. Currently, Dr. Talbot provides psychological services to the Eastern Family of Schools.

Dr. Talbot studied at Bowling Green State University before attending Kean University where she earned an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, with specialization in Special Education from Kean University, NJ. Following that she received Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology & Measurements from Mount Saint Vincent University, N S Canada. Dr. Talbot earned her doctoral degree at the University of East London in UK. Dr. Talbot completed her doctoral thesis research on “Bermudians Educators Perception of School Psychologists Role and Function.” This research was the first study reviewing the role and functions of school psychologists in Bermuda.

Through her educational career Dr. Talbot has been on the honour roll and Dr. Talbot is a recipient of numerous awards Government’s Teaching Training Award, Rotary Award, International Student Award, and a Commonwealth Scholarship. Dr. Talbot has served on numerous Community organizations and has consistently contributed to the Bermudian community on a voluntary basis.

Dr. Talbot has conducted numerous workshops and provided individual therapy to children experiencing social-emotional difficulties and academic learning challenges. Specific areas of interest Dr. Talbot has conducted workshops in are Executive Functioning Disorders, Challenging Behaviours in Children, Reading Challenges and Learning Disorders. Dr. Talbot current area of interest is “Problematic Sexualized Behaviours of Children” and has written a paper on it which will be published in a professional journal. Dr. Talbot continues to seek professional development opportunities to keep abreast of the current trends in working effectively with children.

Carmen Jones
Visual Art Journals in the Art Room

Carmen currently enjoys teaching at TNT Middle School and has a passion for the visual arts. For the past 5 years she had coordinated the Annual Student Art Exhibition. Carmen believes that joy inspires her to create art and this joy comes from the freedom to experiment with new materials and technologies, which allows success in anything that she tries or does. When teaching children, Picasso said it best, “every child is an Artist, the problems is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Debi Ray-Rivers, Founder and Director, SCARS
SCARS - 'Stewards of Children' Training

Debi was born and educated in Bermuda; graduating from Roger B. Chaffee High School. She entered the business world working for Delta Airlines in Bermuda as a customer service agent for 13 years. Prior to SCARS, she spent 14 years as a Human Resource Manager. With the support of her loving husband, Jerry and her two precious daughters Brittany and Christy, SCARS was created out of a devastating family experience in 2004 which brought to light the need for greater awareness, education and heling with respect to the issue of child sexual abuse. Mrs. Ray-Rivers began her crusade to prevent child sexual abuse in 2011.

Debi has a passion for God, family and the protection of children. She is an example of how you can turn pain into purpose. A survivor of sexual abuse herself, she was determined to “Break the Silence and the Shame” associated with this crime against children.

Mrs. Ray-rivers is a SCARS trained facilitator with the Darkness to Light Organization whose mission is to empower adults to prevent child sexual abuse. Mrs. Ray-Rivers is a recipient of the 2013 Cablevision Community Service Award.

Jon Brunson, Chairman of the Board, SCARS
SCARS - 'Stewards of Children' Training

Jon currently serves as a Board Director of Bermuda Housing Corporation, Bermuda Immigration Appeals Tribunal and The Bermuda Education Council. He is also a former Director of Colonial International Group, The Learning Disabilities Association of Bermuda, the Bermuda Overseas Missions and Orbis Founders Philanthropies – Scholar Program whose mandate is to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged young Bermudians that demonstrate academic excellence and the potential to make a contribution to Bermuda in the future.

Jon worked for 13 years with Orbis Investment Management Limited; a leader in the Global Funds industry. In 2002, Jon was appointed as a Justice of the Peace by the Governor of Bermuda and in 2003 was successfully elected to the House of Assembly as a Member of Parliament and Deputy Leader of the Opposition; serving two terms before resigning in 2008.

Jon has also served on many public bodies most of which have a focus on education. This includes his Directorship on the Joint Select Committee for the Advancement of Education Reform, Directorship on the Board of Governors of CedarBridge Academy, Directorship of the Masterworks Foundation, Directorship of the Donor Forum and his Directorship of the Duke of Edinburgh Foundation.

Mr. Brunson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Computer Science, Master of Arts in Management and Human Resource Development. Mr. Brunson is a SCARS trained facilitator with the Darkness to Light Organization whose mission is to empower adults to prevent child sexual abuse.

Tracy Hayward
SMARTboard Training

Tracy Hayward has been working in the field of education for the past 19 years. During these years she has been concerned with a lack of student centred pedagogy that addressees the diverse technological needs of 21st century, digital savvy learners. Technology has become an integral part of the way students live and think. Therefore, she believes that teaching in the 21st century requires teachers to be more innovative and creative than ever before.

Therefore, in order to increase achievement we must ensure that our students are motivated to learn. Teacher’s pedagogy must evolve to meet the demands of changing learning environments and learning needs of contemporary digital students. Purposeful and planned integration of technology into the classroom will play a vital role in getting our students motivated to learn. Today’s educators must embrace technology and use it in their classrooms to meet students where they are and not try to take them back to the way things used to be.

Tracy became a certified SMARTboard Trainer in 2009. She believes that the SMARTboard can be used to create the perfect combination of education and entertaining technology.

Kali Douglas
Formative Assessment: Research Inspired Techniques to Improve Learning

Kali Douglas is currently the Content Specialist teacher for Science for the Bermuda Ministry of Education. Miss Douglas is a graduate of Kean University, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Education K-12. She started her teaching career in 1999 and taught science for eight years at Sandys Secondary Middle School. At that time she took a keen interest in Learning Styles; and in her second year was asked to present a workshop, along with several other colleagues for a graduate class at The University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. She was nominated for Teacher of The Year by her deputy principal at the time.

In 2007, she completed a Master’s of Science Degree in Natural Resource and Environmental Management from the University of West Indies, in Barbados. To satisfy the requirements of her graduate research, Miss Douglas was awarded an internship to work alongside Kim Holzer, a scientist affiliated with the Marine Environmental Programme (MEP) at The Bermuda Institute of Oceanic Sciences (BIOS), on Seagrass Herbivory.

That same year, she joined the Berkeley Institute and taught Integrated Sciences and Environmental Science. Miss Douglas held two leadership posts there, S1 Year Head, and Instructional Leader of Science. She is currently an executive member of the Bermuda Union of Teachers (B.U.T), Bermuda Board of Education; and is a newly appointed executive member of the Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS.)

As an educator of almost sixteen years, her love for students and passion for teaching continues to motivate her to constantly seek cutting edge, and multiple approaches in order to meet the needs of every learner. This enthusiasm has also allowed her to be a resource to other teacher leaders and teachers, to enhance their content and pedagogical knowledge in science. She has facilitated various workshops on scientific enquiry, formative assessment, note taking strategies, and differentiated instruction.

Miss Douglas supports the notion that education is a key element for an individual to attain an understanding of the world they live in, to develop into mature individuals who can think critically and solve problems; and to acquire a set of skills specific to their dreams and aspirations. “Therefore as an educator it is our duty to commit to maintaining high expectations for ourselves with regards to teaching and learning, in order to enhance student outcomes.”

Kalley Baxter-Williams
Formative Assessment: Research Inspired Techniques to Improve Learning

Mrs. Kalley Baxter-Williams is currently the M1 Science teacher and Team Leader at Sandys Secondary Middle School. Mrs. Baxter-Williams attended Clark Atlanta University, where she received a Bachelors Degree in Middle Grades Education with concentrations in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. She began her teaching career in 1997 at Sandys Secondary Middle School. During her 13 years there she taught all three year levels and held positions as the Science Resource Teacher as well as Team Leader.

While working at Sandys Secondary Middle School she received training in Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles in which she took a keen interest. When the school officially became a Learning Styles Center she was in the process of pursuing her Master of Administration and Leadership degree from Atlantic Union College. Her thesis focused on the impact and benefits of teaching students through their learning styles. The results proved significant and as a result she furthered her interest in learning styles by conducting workshops to various educators in the Bermuda Public School system. Through learning styles she took an interest in Differentiated Instruction and became a certified trainer. Mrs. Baxter-Williams has received various awards such as Educator Award from the Bermuda Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist as well as Teacher of the Month on several occasions while at Sandys Secondary Middle School. She had the privilege of being offered the posts of Deputy Principal and Adjunct Professor.

Mrs. Baxter-Williams has held various positions such as Mentor teacher and Science Content Specialist teacher for the Bermuda Department of Education coaching and training educators in the areas of teaching and learning. She has worked as a curriculum writer along with the Science Education Officer and a team of teachers to develop the Bermuda Primary School Curriculum in 1997. She served as a Content Sensitivity Reviewer for CTB/McGraw Hill to assist in the publishing of the Bermuda Criterion Referenced Test for Science.

Her philosophy of education is that she believes every child can learn! It is her passion for this belief that motivates her to provide an educational experience that will help learners reach for the stars and be the best that they can be.

Yvonne Bean
Nature Reserve Amazingly Raced Scavenger Hunt

My name is Yvonne Bean and I bring with me a wealth of knowledge and experience. I graduated from Tennessee State University May 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a minor in Biology. I later on worked for several Research and Development companies after graduation such as Centers for Disease Control, Emory Medical Center and the University of Tennessee Medical Center. I later in life acquired a Master of Education in Instructional Technology from AIU in Atlanta Georgia and acquired teacher certification through PACE program in Lewiston Idaho. I have worked in many Science Disciplines that exist to include Environmental Science. I began my teaching experience in Fall 1998 as a Sub and taught off and on up until becoming the first Science Technician at Berkeley Institute in 2005. I later went on to teach full time at Clearwater Middle School in 2009 and am presently a Science Teacher at T N Tatem Middle School. I have participated in various conferences that have taken me to Puerto Rico, Birmingham, England and a few places in the US. I am presently completing my Content Specialist Science Endorsement at Black Hills State University and presently hold endorsements in Chemistry and Natural Sciences. I love Science and want to share what I love with anyone willing to allow me.

Gail Smith
Guided Reading: Creating Supportive Text Introductions to Set Students Up For Success

Gail Smith is currently a Content Specialist Teacher for the Bermuda Ministry of Education. She received a Bachelor of Child Study degree from Mount Saint Vincent University and a Master of Science degree in Elementary Education from Wheelock College. Gail returned to Bermuda to work at West Pembroke School in the capacity of a Primary four, five and six teacher, as well as Literacy Coach. During this time, she studied extensively at Lesley University, receiving certifications as a Literacy Coach and a District Trainer. After sixteen years at West Pembroke, Gail moved on to the position of District Trainer for the Ministry of Education. Following this role, Gail began her current position of CST, which entails working closely with teachers, as both professional developer and coach, with a focus on best practices in literacy instruction.